What Do You Do If You Have a Water Leak?

A Picture of a Home Water Meter.

How to Find Plumbing Leak in House

One of the worst things to happen to our plumbing is when a leak forms. Not only does a plumbing leak have the potential to cause severe damage to your plumbing, but it can also cause extensive water damage to the outside and inside of your home. If you think that you might have a plumbing leak, you might be wondering how to find it and what to do. There are a couple of steps you should take in order to find the leak and minimize damage.

  • Stop Using Water: If you want to find out if a leak is present, you will need to stop using water inside your home, as well as outside.
  • Check the Water Meter: To find out if there is a leak, you will want to check your water meter. You will want to look at the leak indicator to see if it’s moving; if the water is shut off and there isn’t movement from the leak indicator, that means there is a leak.
  • Shut Off Water: In order to reduce any damage and learn if the water leak is in your house, you need to turn the water off to all plumbing sources like your faucets, showers, water heater, etc.
  • Check the Meter Again: Once the water is completely off, check the meter again. when the leak indicator doesn’t move, that means the leak is inside; when the leak indicator is still moving, then the plumbing leak is in between the meter and your house.
  • Clean Up: If the leak is inside of your home and has caused a lot of water to pool on the floor, you will want to clean it up to reduce mold growth and water damage.
  • Contact a Plumber: To get the leak repaired as soon as possible, you should call a local plumbing contractor for a plumbing leak repair.
  • Call Your Insurance Provider: Call your insurance company to see if a plumbing leak repair is covered under your coverage.

Who Is Responsible for a Water Leak?

When it comes to the repairing a plumbing leak, the responsibility either falls on the homeowner or on the city. It will all depend on where the water leak is located. If it is the responsibility of the homeowner, they will need to know as soon as possible in order to get a plumbing leak repair service. Below are areas where leaks occur most often and who is responsible for fixing them.

Plumbing Leak in Yard

Depending on where the water leak is located in your yard will determine whether you or the city takes care of it. A lot of people ask, “Who is responsible for a water leak before the meter?” and the answer is the city. If the water leak is found between the water meter and the water main. The only time that the city wouldn’t repair the leak in this situation is if the area around the water meter wasn’t well-maintained. That can indicate that the fault is on the homeowner for not maintaining this part of their yard. If the water leak is found between the water meter and the home, then you are responsible for plumbing leak repair service.

Plumbing Leak in House

If it is determined that there is a plumbing leak in your house, then more than likely you will be responsible for repairing the leak. This is because whatever is in your house is your responsibility, so you have to pay for it if it breaks.

What Causes Water Pipes to Leak?

A Picture of a Wall Exposing Burst Pipes.

Leak Repair for Pipe

One of the most common places that plumbing leaks occur is in our pipes. Leaky pipes happen for many reasons, such as clogs in the pipes, high water pressure, changes in temperature, corrosion, the ground shifting, or poor pipe installation. A lot of people ask, “How do you fix a leaking underground pipe?” typically, a plumber will either dig up your entire yard to repair the pipe or they will use a method called trenchless repairs, which is a non-invasive way to repair pipes without digging up yards. Both will require cutting out the part of the pipe that is leaking and replacing it with a new pipe. If you think that you need plumbing leak repair in Rockmart, GA and don’t know where to turn, you can depend on All Pro Plumbing. We offer professional leak repair that will keep the leak away for good. Call us at 678-757-1718 to set up an appointment.